1979 Holden Torana Burnout Fail

Whether you are a fan of Burnout Competitions or not, there is no denying their popularity or the fact that they are home to some of Australia’s toughest muscle cars.

Supercharged V8’s, tyre shredding action, smoke storms and screaming crowds is all part of the entertainment. However, things don’t always go according to plan.

The video below takes us back to the “Epic Tyres” Good Friday Burnout King event at Perth Motorplex in 2015. Less than 5 seconds into the smoke show “GOINNUTZ” (a popular 1979 Holden Torana LS1) experiences complications during the tip-in and SMASHES into one of the concrete barriers that outline the burnout pit.

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According to FLINTY460 YouTube Channel, the orange 1979 Holden Torana LS1 suffered from a burst break line resulting in no breaks at exactly the wrong time.

Here it is again from another angle. This time the below footage was captured by boganmania.

Although you never like to see an Aussie muscle car take this type of damage, when a crash like these happens, you simply can’t take your eyes off the action. The crowd certainly loved the entertainment giving “GOINNUTZ” a standing ovation as it limped off the pad!


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