Commodore is vehicle of choice for V8 Supercars

The Commodore has been chosen as the car of choice for V8 Supercar racing in Australia until 2021, with Holden and Red Bull extending their partnerships. 

The news proves that Holden will not be moving forward with plans to implement the Chrevolet-badged Camaro into the V8 Supercars arena, after Ford’s recent Mustang release. 

The Camaro was deemed second to the Commodore due to restrictive rules behind the Supercars’ control chassis. However, the decision means that Holden will be able to continue with their objective to attain a 5.0-litre pushrod V8 engine, instead of switching to a turbocharged V6. 

Holden’s decision to remain in the V8 Supercar series with the Commodore is surrounded by proposals to make big changes post 2021. In recent years the series has sparked conversations between teams of high costs, and entrants and commercial partners alike are struggling to remain involved. 

The news from Holden comes to Ford at a time in their season where they require one more high result in order to have a soaring lead across the board. The Ford team currently have less Mustangs in the competition than Holden has Commodores.



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