DJR EF Falcon wrecked Panels up for sale

DJR EF Falcon

Twisted and dented metal from the DJR EF Falcon campaigned by John Bowe in 1996 have gone on the market after being uncovered by The Motorsport Trader.

Bowe suffered one of the biggest crashes of his career at Phillip Island in 1996 when he dropped a wheel into the wet grass exiting The Hayshed, hitting the tyre bank hard and half-rolling the DJR EF Falcon.

Writing off the only Dick Johnson Racing car to carry the #1 after Bowe won the 1995 Australian Touring Car Championship, the chassis also won the 1994 Bathurst 1000 in the hands of Bowe and Johnson but was sent to race car heaven after the Phillip Island smash.

Picture: The Motorsport Trader

No footage of Bowe’s actual crash as the race coverage director at the time cut to Craig Lowndes going off in the same spot in his Holden Racing Team car just as Bowe was about to strike the wall.

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Posting pictures of the panels signed by Johnson and Bowe on Facebook, The Motorsport Trader has listed the bonnet at an asking price of $6000 while the right door skin and steering wheel will set punters back $1500 each. 

Picture: The Motorsport Trader

Picture: The Motorsport Trader

The championship win for Bowe was the last for DJR until 2010 when James Courtney won the title in car #18, followed by Scott McLaughlin bringing the championship home for #17 in 2018 and 2019.

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