1:24 “Hanful” 1973 Holden HQ Monaro GTS


Custom 1973 Holden HQ Monaro GTS “HANFUL”

1:24 die-cast model car (DDA201)
Opening front doors
Fully detailed

    HANFUL is one of Australia’s most well known custom muscle cars.

    Purchased back February of 2006, where it was cluttering up a suburban front lawn, it was going to be another quick build as a burnout car. After straightening out the rough old body, lengthening the front wheel arches, fitting a factory sunroof and a set of mini tubs.

    Owner built displacing 505 cubes, the engine runs a 8/71 Blower Shop pump with twin 750cfm boost referenced Demon carbs delivering ample quantities of E85 beneath a set of ported Dart Merlin heads reside a set of SRP slugs, a scat crank and rods, a custom hydraulic roller stick calling the shots. It all makes for a very Stout 750hp at the wheels.

     It’ll fry tyres at any speed, with the Rev limiter set to 6600rpm, it will eat a pair of 17s in a minute on the pad and a little longer on the track. Since the build Hanful made it to one of the most prestigious shows the dome at Motor Ex, Hanful is also known as Mr Powercruise with the Powercruise and Power Play events.

    Hanful has entertained crowds at mainstream events such as Gold Coast 600 for many years.

    *Australia wide postage and handling is included in the purchase price. 

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