1977 XC Falcon Hardtop Ford Motorsport Coin


Watching on as rare talents took our daily drives around a track faster than we could imagine, Australians have built a deep admiration and respect for feats of motorsport success.

In 2018, the Mint celebrates an icon of Australian motorsport, recognising the contribution Ford has made to our racing culture, with the release of six coins taking in the most celebrated race cars the marque has produced.

History and Significance:
With the very popular Ford Australian Classic Collection in 2017, the Mint highlighted the humble contribution of cars to the manufacturing era, in both our everyday lives and the broader economic strength it provided.

In 2018, we switch gears and take in the highlights of adrenalin charged top speed racing with the Ford Motorsport Collection. An icon of Australian motor racing, few brands have contributed to our racing culture the way Ford has. With a breadth and depth that has seen rally championships, sports car victories and touring titles amassed by colourful and characterful drivers, Ford’s motorsport history has created a legion of ardently loyal fans.

While the Model T literally shaped our roads, it was the impact of high-performance vehicles, such as the Cortina GT500 – the first Bathurst homologation road car special, and the original Falcon GT, the first V8 to win The Great Race – that helped cultivate Australia’s unique motoring culture.

Ford fanatics and numismatists alike are sure to revel in such a unique collection.

*Australia wide postage and handling is included in the purchase price.

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