GREENS’-TUF “GREEN IS NICE” 800mm x 600mm Poster

Click here to see the story behind the GREENS’-TUF 1983 Ford XE Falcon!

The car pictured in this print is the exact Autsralian Touring Car that started in the 1983 James Hardie 1000! The sub 24 hour-built GREENS’-TUF 1983 Ford XE Falcon. From hand prints in the paint to a white finish in the boot, this car shows its full history and wears it proud. This is what Australian racing is all about, getting the car built and pushing the car to its limits… SIMPLE!

Poster Material
Polypropylene, also known as ‘Synthetic Paper’ is the material MCM use for all their posters. It is a high-quality material that is an excellent choice for printing posters, as it is durable, versatile and tear-resistant. 


MCM are very pedantic about the vehicles they select to photograph. Before they embark on taking a vehicle to the photo studio, they first consider the chosen vehicles uniqueness, story and place in Motorsport history. As you can imagine, the process to produce a final print is quite vigorous!

Once the vehicle has been selected, it is transported to a professional photo studio. Upon arrival a team of detailers go over the entire vehicle to clean any imperfections. The photography process begins once MCM are 100% satisfied with the presentation.

Car skates are placed under each wheel allowing the VERY patient MCM photographer to capture wide array of angles. The transformation then begins, turning a car in a white room into high quality muscle car artwork.

All their prints are produced from start to finish right here in Australia, including printing. Only the highest of quality printing materials and workmanship are put in place to deliver you our one of a kind product.

*MCM watermark for digital copy protection, prints will not contain the watermark. Australia wide postage and handling is included in the purchase price.

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